About Our Grateful Dead Gallery



Gratefully-Yours is located in the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida at 420 Clematis St. Our goal is help keep the original jam sound music alive, pass it on while giving lasting memories and putting a smile on the face of our customers.

I have been a Deadhead for 40 years and have grown up around many in the San Francisco sound community. Gratefully-Yours has gone the extra mile to assure your signed piece is authentic often obtaining multiple certifications. It is important for our customers to know that we are a true signed Dead and Dead Friend music gallery situated amongst other music art galleries such as legacy John Lennon art. Here’s a look inside the gallery.

Inside Gallery Gratefully-Yours Office

Upon request we will design one of our ultimate displays and custom make it with any combination of Gratefully-Yours albums that include any certified signed guitar and albums from the Gratefully-Yours collection.