We have been in an around the San Francisco sound scene for many years (40) and have both collected personally and purchased hand signed dead stuff for over 30 years. We do not put items up on EBay. We have everything from guitars to photos all of which we have gone to extremes to obtain authentication documentation. Heres a Couple of COA tips., Make sure your item has one unless there is first hand proof ie photos of that item being signed. A COA FROM THE SELLER IS NOT A COA! MAKE SURE IT IS A THIRD PARTY AUTHENTICATOR, THESE AUTHENTICATORS WILL CHARGE YOU WHETHER AN ITEM PASSES OR FAILS.! Check on the authentication company.  Check credentials, what qualifies them to authenticate. Do they maintain a data base that can be relied upon if you decide to sell your item? Will the company or examiner support the item they authenticated?  We will continue to bring you some of the neatest stuff ever as long as we can  Remember the name Gratefully-Yours   Check out our preffered authenticators on our authentication pages!