Roger Epperson Real and Mike Frost PAAS

Our 2 primary authenticators Roger Epperson and Michael Frost recently authenticated the original Ed Sullivan Show Beatle Contracts WOW what a privilege. Congrats guys! WE also carry Items authenticated by PSA-DNA and James Spence. let us know if we can help authenticate your signed Dead collectables.



Gratefully-Yours only uses master authenticators. Every piece includes certification by one of the authentication companies: Roger Epperson REAL  Mike Frost  PAAS , PSA DNA , JSA

, to assure our clients of authenticity and maximum return on there investment. UNLESS I HAD IT SIGNED MYSELF AND HAVE THE PICS TO PROVE IT !!!!

Here is some contact information. Any additional provided buy request.

Contact Roger Epperson    (cut and paste)….

Contact Michael Frost  (cut and paste)….