Dear Mr. Wilkens,

This letter is to confirm the relationship between, Gratefully-Yours Gallery and P.A.A.S. Authentication service. Gratefully-Yours has been using the authentication services of P.A.A.S. for over a year now. In that one year I would have to say that Gratefully-Yours is one of the most authentic autograph dealers that we have ever worked with.

The owners of Gratefully-Yours feel authentication of their signed items is so important that I have seen them use up to three different authentication companies on one signed item, just to give his customers piece of mind. The owners of Gratefully-Yours Gallery go out of their way to do investigations on their own before having their items authenticated. They demand to know 100% the authenticity of any item before they will sell it or put the Gratefully-Yours name to the product. In this day and age of autograph dealers this is very very rare. The Brier’s are a rare breed of autograph dealers that actually care about the autograph hobby and the collectors. Not only are they caring autograph dealers, they are collectors of some of the finest signed items that I have even seen.

I, Michael Frost, head authenticator for P.A.A.S, have even witnessed Mr. Brier destroy a hand signed album after it was deemed not authentic. It is hard to find a person with this type of integrity. I wish we had a lot more people in the autograph community with the knowledge, class and honesty of the Brier’s. If we could have more people like Mr. Brier and companies like Gratefully-Yours in the industry and selling on eBay today we would be in a much better situation. It is rare to deal with sellers and collectors that honestly care about authentication.

Thank You,
Michael Frost